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Tote Bag Koi

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  • Artist: Sadikin Pard
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About The Artist

Sadikin Pard - Malang

Sadikin Pard who now lives in Sawojajar Malang was born without arms and yet it never bothers his will to become an artist. He uses his mouth and feet to paint different brush strokes and he has been producing so many great paintings and made him one of the world renowned disabled artist.

I am the 8th child of nine siblings and my parents always treat all of us the same. This motivates me to perform as well as others’ said Sadikin.

This long hair artist is also a member of Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA) which is based in Switzerland. He’s one of the nine Indonesian that is registered in this association. One thing that always strengthen him from deep within is his personal belief that God will not abandon everyone who strives in his/her life