Corporate Art

Partnering With Us

Nowadays more and more companies try to establish or improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts at their business and in the community.
It’s also noted that consumers surveyed are more likely to trust and be loyal to socially responsible businesses compared to companies that don’t show these traits.
Partnering with the Ableart will send the signal that your organization is willing to make meaningful contribution to our artisans.
We take great care to ensure that our products have gone through quality assurance process and the artisan will receive his/her share for every product(s) that is purchased from us.

Here are some possibilities/creative ways where products from the Ableart can be used within your organization

Employee and Customer Appreciation Events

Reward stellar employees and valued customers with corporate gifts from the Ableart.

Company Events

Team building, training, workshop, sporting events.

Interior Designs

Use of our merchandise in the hotel room, business office, apartment, etc.

Customized According to Your Needs

The Ableart can print the artwork from our artisan on t-shirts, scarfs, tote bags, calendars, mugs, and other products to meet your requirements.